What do i stand for?


I believe that the most important qualities of a councilmember are her core values. We cannot know today what new issues will arise years down the road, but the residents of District 3 should be able to count on their councilmember to reflect our shared values, no matter what the specific issue may be. My core values are:

Genuine Community Engagement

I pledge to be truly present in the community and not just for a photo op. It is important to me to spend quality time outside City Hall with the residents of our neighborhoods. I also pledge to make it easier, not harder, for community members to communicate with me about what is important to them through Neighborhood Leadership Groups, town halls, and community office hours.

Openness and Transparency

They say sunshine is the best disinfectant and I believe government decisions should be made in the open.  I pledge to be clear on where I stand on the issues and to communicate with you about my positions. My Council calendar will be an open book


Every person should be valued and treated with dignity, whether they are a wealthy business owner, a stay at home parent, or a person experiencing homelessness. I reject the politics of division and will work to help create solutions that bring communities together, not pit them against one another.

Hard Work

Night or day, evenings and weekends, you can count on me to be on the job.


Establish Neighborhood Leadership Groups

Over and over, I hear the same complaints from individuals and businesses about the way government makes decisions that affect them --   “I don’t get information on what is happening in my neighborhood so I’m left with rumors and fears about what is being proposed,” and  “Why is neighborhood feedback just an afterthought? Why is it we can’t all get information? Why is our only chance to have our say during the workday?”

 I will create a new mechanism for community and neighborhood feedback, a Neighborhood Leadership Group (NLG) which, along with regular communication from my office, community office hours and town halls, will ensure that you are able to fully understand and participate in important issues far in advance of when decisions are made.

  • Two randomly chosen residents and one small business representative from each of District 3’s neighborhoods. This group will complement existing mechanisms.

  • Briefings much earlier in the decision-making process. Too often people are unaware of proposed changes until their only feedback options are meetings that frequently take place downtown or during working hours. Sometimes, they are unaware of any process at all.

  •  NLG members will have leadership responsibility for briefing, educating and soliciting input from their neighbors and local businesses by holding neighborhood meetings, coffees, and one-on-one conversations with their neighbors.

Invest in Housing That Working San Diegans Can Afford

San Diego is one of the country’s ten least affordable housing markets. Families struggle to pay the rent on one, or sometimes even two, incomes. Our children move away because they cannot afford to live here. Teachers, firefighters, and other critical middle-class workers find our city to be unaffordable and often must commute to work many hours each day.

Some neighborhoods have a greater shortage and burden than others. I will seek solutions that start where the highest needs and burdens are.

We must increase the number of affordable units. The old tactics for how to accomplish this are failing. I will seek out new, innovative, creative ideas and create a menu of solutions tailored for different neighborhoods and groups.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. I will support options that match the priorities of District Three’s neighborhoods:

  • Collaboration and coordination at every level – City, County, State and Federal – government, not-for-profit, for-profit banks and developers in a neighborhood by neighborhood strategy that works with residents to create solutions.

  • Secure all available state and federal funds to complement local funds.

  • Repurpose existing unused or underused government properties.

  • Transit oriented development.

  • Greater density in the urban core.

Reducing unnecessary bureaucratic burdens on developers who commit to creating affordable housing without sacrificing quality of life in the surrounding neighborhood.

We all must do our part to solve our housing crisis, but I pledge that before making any decisions that affect a particular group or neighborhood, I will provide ways for them to tell me what is most important to them.

End Homelessness

Homelessness is a moral and humanitarian issue, a public health issue, a business and neighborhood issue that requires us to respond compassionately and effectively.

The number of individuals and families experiencing homelessness in San Diego continues to increase and the old solutions are no longer enough.

Services for those experiencing homelessness are critical to ending the cycle of homelessness, but a one-size-fits all approach has not proven to be effective.

An effective approach to ending homelessness will include:

  • Bringing people experiencing homelessness and their advocates to the table to craft solutions that meet their needs;

  • Permanent Supportive Housing that includes embedded services to address the needs and challenges of individual residents;

  • Trusted outreach workers who put in the long-term work needed to engage those experiencing homelessness on a one-to-one basis;

  • Healthcare services designed for this unique population, including access to mental health services, vaccinations and other primary care, post-hospitalization solutions, and services that meet their hygiene needs;

  • Coordination and cooperation between all levels of government and nonprofit service providers;

  • Both a long view and attention to our current emergency. Band Aid solutions merely allow politicians to pass the problem down the line. In particular, we must build more affordable and workforce housing.

Move Our Region Toward Responsible, World Class Transportation and Infrastructure

We must transition our region to the point where traveling on mass transit or other alternative means of transportation is as convenient, affordable, and safe as driving a car. As we make this transition, we must avoid a top-down approach and engage residents in solutions, not just eleventh hour ultimatums that inevitably lead to anger and litigation. This includes:

Mobility plans for downtown and other high density areas that include alternatives such as bicycles that are safe and respect the needs of residents.

Not creating an either/or scenario that pits those who need parking against those who want safe roads for alternative modes of transportation. We need to listen closely to everyone’s priorities and concerns and be creative about finding compromise solutions.

Connecting our transportation infrastructure to the airport. This means a better experience for our visitors, but also means residents have an alternative to their cars for getting to the airport. if they so desire.

We must also address the deferred maintenance of our streets and other infrastructure. Let’s pave our streets properly the first time. Let’s repair the sidewalks in a timely fashion. Let’s ensure public tax dollars are invested in projects that improve quality of life in the long term.

Combat Climate Change

I support our city’s Climate Action Plan and our adoption of Community Choice Energy. My priority is to ensure these plans are effectively implemented. This implementation should put every idea on the table to address the global climate crisis, including:

Partnering with other local governments to maximize the impact and success of these strategies.

Transparency and accountability for those government officials responsible for meeting our goals. I will insist upon regular updates from city staff on progress that includes proposed solutions to any barriers and challenges.

Strategies for reducing our reliance on cars, including convenient transit and responsible alternative modes of transportation.

Innovative solutions that will garner broad support such as planting trees to provide shade and clean air and cooling sidewalks to reduce the harmful effects of heat on our atmosphere and residents.

Public Safety

The number one charge of local governments is ensuring the safety of residents and visitors to our city. Our police officers, firefighters, and lifeguards work tirelessly, often risking their own safety. They have my support.

 Our first responders deserve the proper training, pay, and quality of care to ensure they show up to work every day ready and with a clear mind.

I pledge to work to ensure our police are the best trained and best paid in the region while I also make regaining the trust of neighborhoods and residents who feel over-policed a priority.

My campaign platform is built with YOU! Too often decisions that have real impacts are made for us and not with us. If you’re not able to share your priorities for District 3 with me at a fundraiser or coffee - I encourage you to fill out the form below.

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